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23 March 2021

Endoscopesctmod1 - ROBERTO FERNANDEZ FER
Endoscopesctmod2 - ROBERTO FERNANDEZ FER

UC3M is currently finishing the Spectrally resolved depolarization spectra module for the endoscope, together with control and acquisition software. The operating principle and measurements are analogous to the microscope’s scattering module. In this case, the light is delivered and collected using one of the endoscope's fibers.

It is worth noting that the dynamic measurements gain importance in this endoscope’s module since it will be mainly used to perform in-vivo measurements. The UC3M team has finished the preliminary model last month, optimizing the light acquisition by the fiber and reducing the internal reflections to optimize the measured signal SNR and thus the data acquired and illumination power needed. 

Spectrally resolved depolarization spectra module for the endoscope (UC3M)
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